Katherine and Nathan 

“Helen, we were so pleased with the ceremony we designed together. You really listened to what we wanted for our wedding day and you captured our story perfectly. You seemed to genuinely care about designing a ceremony that was right for us and this made the whole process a real pleasure.”

Melbourne, Australia

What I like most about being a celebrant is meeting people and hearing their stories. And everyone has a story!


How wonderful it is to weave that story into a ceremony that is true to the couple, where the guests are captivated, smile, laugh and even shed a tear or two. 


Get in touch! I am an authorised marriage celebrant based in Melbourne, Australia and the service I provide follows the Code of Practice for marriage celebrants.

My services include:


  • We begin by meeting at no cost and obligation free. It’s vital for you to get a sense of who I am and whether I am the right celebrant for you.

  • This is then followed up with further meetings and unlimited email and phone communication. This is necessary so that the ceremony is exactly what you want, and also builds excitement as you begin to see the ceremony take place!



  • Our collaboration leads me to weaving your story into a beautiful ceremony that speaks to you and your guests. The writing of the ceremony will take as many drafts as is necessary and you have absolute control all along the way. 


Attention to detail

  • At the outset I provide you with a comprehensive information package with lots of ideas for you to ponder over. 

  • I develop a risk assessment plan specific to your ceremony. That way we can reduce any foreseeable risks!

  • Prior to the marriage ceremony we have a rehearsal. As I believe a rehearsal is necessary there is no extra charge. On the day there is so much going on it’s really nice to have a prelude to the ceremony and to ease any nervousness.

  • I complete all legal paperwork including the lodgement of your Notice of Intended Marriage (at least one month and one day prior to the ceremony).

  • I give you a keepsake copy of your ceremony. 


Engaging ceremony 

  • I bring my extensive public speaking experience to my celebrant service.

  • I am a confident and engaging speaker. In sharing your unique story your guests will be captivated. 

  • I arrive at the venue an hour before the ceremony. I help ease any nerves and interact with the guests prior to the ceremony so that their focus is on you.  

  • I do not take the attention of the guests for granted. There is no excuse for a dull ceremony.


Erin and Jack
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"Helen was wonderful to work with throughout the whole process. She was incredibly thorough in understanding us and who we were as a couple to create an incredibly personal and meaningful ceremony."

Lancefield, Victoria